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Mind7+ - Maria Paula Pinto

From 19 October to 14 December, 2022, 8 weeks with 6 presential sessions and 2 online sessions (4h/week), in IPSantarém

  • Aims 
  • Overcome challenges with a confident and proactive mind
  • Welcome opportunities with an aware mind
  • Learn strategies to cope with anxiety and reduce stress
  • Enjoy the present with more tranquility
  • Enhance your concentration and performance
  • Invest in healthy relationships
  • Connect with your purpose


  • What is Mindfulness
  • Scientific evidence of Mindfulness benefits
  • Mindfulness attitudes
  • Equilibration of autonomic nervous system with breathing
  • Formal and non-formal mindfulness practices
  • Strategies to overcome anxiety and promote a growth mindset


Paula Pinto (Coordenator of the Program, Mindfulness In-Me Trainer) Susana Franco and Susana Alves (from Higher Scholl of Sports), Patrícia Januário (Psychologist of IPSantarem Social Services), Isabel Barroso (Director of IPSantarem Social Services).