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Mindfulness Intensive In-Me

Mindfulness Intensive In-Me - Maria Paula Pinto

Mindfulness into our daily life. Increase awareness of the present moment. Cope efficiently with life challenges. Promote an empowering Mindset to enhance health, happiness and sucess.


  • Introduction to the concept of Mindfulness and scientific evidence of mindfulness effects.
  • Foundational attitudes of Mindfulnes.
  • Introduction of formal and non-formal practices into our daily life.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety: the three fields of life.
  • The autonomic nervous system - balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.
  • Mind deconditioning - flipping limiting thoughts into empowering ways of thinking.
  •  Functioning modes of the brain and emotional regulation.
  •  Neurologic levels.
  • Personal mission statement.

All the topics will be introduced with individual and group dinamics, followed by mindfulness practices: Diaphragmatic breathing, body scan, Yoga, body relaxing, sitting meditation, walking meditation, and guided meditations.

Following an Immersive Sunday or a Mindfulness Workshop you may join the 30H course (the hours and values paid for the immersive days and/or workshops will be subtracted to the total hours/value)

Investment 315 euros

Immersive days: 75 euros/day

Half-day Workshops and online sessions: 25 euros/session

Certificate with In-Me seal: 15 euros

This Certification gives access to the following levels: Mindful Human/Mindful Practitioner In-Me; Mindfulness Master In-Me; Mindfulness Trainer In-Me (