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Mindfulness Intensive In-Me

Mindfulness Intensive In-Me - Maria Paula Pinto

Mindfulness into our daily life. Increase awareness of the present moment. Cope efficiently with life challenges. Promote an empowering Mindset to enhance health, happiness and sucess.


  • Introduction to the concept of Mindfulness and scientific evidence of mindfulness effects.
  • Foundational attitudes of Mindfulnes.
  • Introduction of formal and non-formal practices into our daily life.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety: the three fields of life.
  • The autonomic nervous system - balancing sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.
  • Mind deconditioning - flipping limiting thoughts into empowering ways of thinking.
  •  Functioning modes of the brain and emotional regulation.
  •  Neurologic levels.
  • Personal mission statement.

All the topics are introduced with individual and group dinamics, followed by mindfulness practices: Diaphragmatic breathing, body scan, Yoga, body relaxing, sitting meditation, walking meditation, and guided meditations.

This Certification gives access to the following levels: Mindful Human/Mindful Practitioner In-Me; Mindfulness Master In-Me; Mindfulness Trainer In-Me (

I thank all my participants their engagement and sharing their lives with me. I'm grateful that they allow me to grow with them all along these courses.

Some testimonials of the 2021 and 2022 editions:

Participating in the Mindfulness Intensive In-Me training opened up paths for me in my personal development, bringing me more confidence, more awareness of myself, in the Here and Now.


Fantastic! It was great to learn how to be mindful with creativity . This is what I hope to be able to transpose into the various facets of my life, continuously, from now on! 


I learned that NOW is the only moment that exists, I learned to enjoy it, to accept it, to be grateful and to smile...
I learned that it's okay to not be okay...
I learned that not judging others or ourselves gives us peace…
I learned that it is possible to meditate... (after all, it's not that difficult starting with guided meditations)
I learned that I have more abilities than I imagine, I can change my attitudes, and more easily be who I AM. 


In the path I have been taking towards my personal development, Mindfulness, with its formal and informal practices, has been a mental training that helped me deal with thoughts and emotions, distinguishing which thoughts are useful from those that are harmful to us and lead to anxiety and frustration. Paula is an excellent trainer and communicator, who takes us along all these paths with lightness, joy and generosity.


I loved the course because it was essentially practical and helped us deconstruct, break down barriers, and get to know ourselves better. I learned the value of silence, of the small things in life, and enjoying "here and now". I learned how important it is to accept ourselves, so that we can also accept others. Everything is in us and that's where we have to work. Thank you!


I learned a few more tools to get to know myself and find peace in my daily life. I was able to incorporate deep, conscious breathing into my daily life. I feel like I'm more aware and present.