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Why Mindfulness?

Why Mindfulness? - Maria Paula Pinto

Mindfulness offers us a way of being more connected with ourselves, others, and nature.

Changes in our world happen as fast as a blink of an eye. We must deal with new diseases, develop new skills to be competitive in the labor market, adapt our lives to all sort of crises we would never dream of. As consequence, many of us get sequestered in negative thoughts and emotions. We feel exhausted. We feel that life is a burden.

Mindfulness offers a way out of this mindset! A new way of being and trusting ourselves. A way that makes life more simple, joyful, and meaningful. A way that makes us more connected with ourselves, others, and nature.

Planet earth and Humankind needs us to be resilient and creative in search of solutions. We need to trust ourselves and commit to our own happiness! Happy people – Healthy planet! Please spread Mindfulness. Thank you.